Stetson - 12-021-8801-0616 (Burnished/Turquoise) - Footwear

I love all Stetson creation, they are soft to use and the prices are fantabulous . Especially Stetson - 12-021-8801-0616 (Burnished/Turquoise) - Footwear is fantastic just for 325.00.

This is the best Stetson product I've ever had! I love Stetson - 12-021-8801-0616 (Burnished/Turquoise) - Footwear!

I always wanted this Stetson - 12-021-8801-0616 (Burnished/Turquoise) - Footwear, but now I see, that it's not what I was hoping!

I have a lots of products from Stetson, but this Women:Shoes:Boots is not what I was hoping.

Like all the Stetson products, this one does not disappoint. It's more expensive than other brands, but what you get is a good solid all around Women:Shoes:Boots.

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